One-stop-shop for family ministry resources.


Bible Story Finder

List of go-to Bible stories, in the order in which they appear in the Bible. Kids (and adults) who are just starting to explore Scripture can find the story they want here.

Family Ministry Info Forms

Forms that may be customized and used to solicit up-to-date information from families annually.

Pray For Me Invitations

To connect generations in church, families can complete these bookmarks and give them as invitations to other adults in the community.


A list of questions and activities that make fantastic icebreakers for preteen groups.

bible story retellings

Samuel Anoints a Young Shepherd

A retelling of 2 Samuel chapter 5.

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Back from the Grave

A retelling of John 20: 19-22

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If we agree that parents are far and away more effective disciplers of children than church leaders ever can be, and if we agree that parents must be actively growing in their own faith in order to communicate faith to their children, then those of us who love preteens and want to disciple them should coordinate our entire ministry around parents—not preteens.

From 6 Secrets of Preteen Ministry, chapter 2

I have a love/hate relationship with curriculum. While I know there are many great curriculum options out there, I have learned that they all come with drawbacks as well. Curriculum in the hands of a seasoned teacher can be a helpful tool. In the hands of an inexperienced or unconfident leader, it can be a hindrance to effective ministry.

From Children & Family Ministry Handbook, chapter 9

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