Hi, friend.

I’m super glad to meet you. I’m Sarah Flannery, and this is a place where I hope to share thoughts with you about church ministry, family discipleship, and living out calling in normal and messy life.

I grew up as a home schooler, spent my childhood years both in fundamentalist environments and Methodist churches, and grew into my personality while attending an evangelical Christian liberal arts college. After that, I married my guy, got a Master’s in Family Studies, and started working in the church. Had two kids, turned 30, and wrote two books on church ministry–and that’s where I am today!

I love the Marco Polo app, eating take-out, and watching good TV with my family. I wish I played more board games and enjoyed cooking more. I’m learning how to do uncomfortable conversations better, how to recognize my whiteness and privilege, and how to truly listen to those with whom I disagree. A good day for me is one in which I feel productive for myself and helpful to others.

Your turn!

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